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Post Posted: Sun May 07, 2017 8:50 am   Two thirds rule

I have a baby turtle and we are new to the turtle world. I have found some very good tips and details here on the forum, but the amount of food still is in question.

Does the 2/3 the size of the head, minus the neck rule for turtles under one year old refer to a day or per feeding if twice a day. I believe it is the former, but it is hard to tell as the little guy or girl is quite the beggar.

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Post Posted: Sun May 07, 2017 12:34 pm   Re: Two thirds rule

Hello and welcome , It's a day , I would use a old pill box and sort out every day or any other method that will work for you epically if more than one person doing the feeding. Now you can divide that amount and feed in am and pm if you want two feedings. Babies need a high quality food (Omega One is very good) with more protein in there diet due to how fast they are growing. But I also offer babies veggies every day along with the pellets , a piece about the size of there shell. May or may not take it but still offer veggies to them. Each turtles metabolism is different so Do Not give in to the begging ! Better to underfeed than overfeed! Get use to it the begging will always be there and the older the more begging. And the better at it with age. Making a turtle a captive pet it's our reasonability to see that they get a proper diet , not necessary what they want , so to be healthy.
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