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I'm new here. :)

Long story short, I currently have a 37gal saltwater tank that I've had for 6 years, along with a separate smaller tank that houses my red eared slider. After much consideration, I've decided to put my time into the turtle instead of the saltwater tank. My plan is to break down my saltwater tank and convert it to freshwater for my turtle. I've kept my tank in great condition and have cleaned it regularly. I plan on deep cleaning it when I break it down and then letting it sit outside in the sun for a few days before converting to freshwater.

Here is my main question - I have LED lights (white and blue) for my saltwater tank that I'd love to be able to keep and use for my red eared slider. I currently have a heat lamp for the turtle in his smaller tank which is on my patio and gets partial sunlight. Does the turtle need a heat lamp other than the LED lights? If he does, I'm going to just sell off my LEDs because they sit atop the tank where I wouldn't be able to put another light on it.

Any info is appreciated, thanks so much! I'm so excited to get him moved into his bigger home! :)

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The turtle should still have a heat lamp and a UVB lamp. LEDs would be fine for ambient lighting, but not much else. As for the sunlight reachign his tank, the glass blocks almost all of the UVB.
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