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The complicated nature of turtle care will create situations and considerations that do necessarily fall under the Basic Care section. This particular section will cover the possible topics that any RES owner may encounter.

RES Turtles are often associated with bacteria known as salmonella. While there are legitimate concerns, there are risks with any pet. For many keepers, basic hygiene greatly reduces the instances of any type of infection. The potential health risk is another reason why children should not handle RES or be their primary care giver.

This section specifically covers issues of encountering RES, releasing them, leaving yours alone, transporting one and tips on how to find a lost one. Habitat destruction and nesting females has increased the chances of people discovering wild turtles. There are tips provided on issues such as how to leave yours unattended and how long they could be left unsupervised. A few may need to travel with a turtle or transport one. Since RES are proficient escape artists, there are tips on looking for a missing one.

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