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The Contest

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This photo contest is open to everyone, including non-registered users. The winning photo will appear on the Redearslider.com homepage and appear in an “Announcement” in the forum. All acceptable photos will be added to the Photo Gallery of the website.

Judging Rules

Moderators determine the finalists of any contest. Moderators may submit photos, but they cannot vote for their own photos. Any forum member can vote on one of the finalists.

There is no lobbying of any kind permitted. Photos, photographers and judges will be disqualified if this occurs.


Photographs can be of any type of turtle or tortoise. Photos of unique enclosures or environments are very welcome. Submitted photos must not be copyrighted, and you must have complete permission to use that photo. The photo must not be commercially available (stock photography) or downloaded from a personal or professional website (or other sources). A recommeded limit of 3 photos per person can be submitted for judging.


  • Try to avoid poses or themes. Photos should be "natural".
  • Photos should be clear and should not be digitally enhanced.
  • A size of 800x600 pixels or larger is recommended.
  • Do not worry about cropping images or enhancing them. (We may request larger pictures at a later time.)
  • Do not include text (title graphics, headlines or captions) with photos.
  • Time stamps are acceptable as long as it does not diminish the quality of the photo.
  • It is advisable to limit people or other distractions in the photos.

General Acknowledgement

By submitting photos, we reserve the right to use such photos throughout this site and on advertising related to this site, including but not limited to merchandising. Submitted photos may be subject to modification, editing or enhancement. We will attempt to notify respective photographers in the manner in which we will use the photos; however, it is not a guarantee that we will do so.

Send photos to photos@redearslider.com Do not forget to leave your username! Good luck!

Last updated January 28, 2011
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