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Post Posted: Sat Aug 28, 2021 4:02 pm   turtle tail injury

Hello I have two yellow belly sliders, One turtle, Scooter I have had for about two years and my youngest flipper I have had for about a year and half. They have gotten a long great and still do sometimes I do see the bigger turtle look at the younger one like he is a tasty snack and open his mouth like he's going to bite him. This aside nothing has ever happened that I have seen. The other day I noticed baby flippers tail was missing skin his tail honestly looks like it was nibbled on. There is nothing in the tank besides the intake valve that he might of gotten stuck on. I doubt that was the cause tho.

How big is your turtle? 6 by 5 inches
How long have you had it? year and a half

What is the water temperature? dont know
Did you use a thermometer? no
Are you using a water heater? yes
How much water is in there? filled all the way up
Are you using a water conditioner? yes
Are you using any filtration? yes

What is the basking temperature? dont know
Is there a basking light? yes
Is there a basking platform that is easy to climb on? yes
What kind is it or what is it made out of? above basking area platform
Is there a UVB light? not yet

What have you been trying to feed it? shrimp, crickets, worms, turtle food
When was the last time your turtle ate? this morning

How big is the tank/pond/enclosure? 25 gallon
Is the tank near a window? yes
Is the tank in a room with a lot of activity? yes

Have you read the Basic Care section? yes
Have you searched the forums for similar situations? yes

Is there any other unusual activity/symptoms? it looks infected
new to this website couldn't download picture, photo bucket is confusing. I have called a vet but I have covid right now so I can not take him until I test negative
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Post Posted: Sat Aug 28, 2021 11:31 pm   Re: turtle tail injury

You can use imgur.com or even email them if you have trouble with the pictures. Right now, it's best to assess the severity of the injury but keep in mind that you will likely have to keep the turtles separate moving forward. Aggression can happen at any time, and as they grow bigger, they are much stronger and can seriously hurt each other.

If it's still bleeding, dry docking should help. For minor wounds, dry dock usually helps the healing process and you can add a little betadine to clean the wound and apply some neosporin.
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