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Post Posted: Tue Apr 27, 2021 4:36 pm   Renal disease?

Hi everyone!
Does anyone have any experience with renal in their red eared slider? I have a 14 year old RES. She has always seemed healthy and active. She is in a 40 gallon tank, water temp is always around 75-76 degrees, she has a ramp that gets her fully out of the water and she has plenty of room to swim. She eats Reptomin food, and gets shrimp, albacore tuna, and lettuce as treats. About 3 weeks we got her a new set up with a new tank (the old one was just getting gross looking) and basking area. For about 2-3 weeks she was basking 24/7 (maybe going in the water occasionally, but not as often as she used to, and wasn't eating). We made her a vet appointment and took her last Friday (4/23). Of course the day we take her she decides to start eating and getting in the water, but we took her anyways. The vet was a little concerned by some pinkness of her skin by her back legs and put her on 7 days of Ceftaz antibiotic injections (which she's had 2 doses so far since it's given every 72 hours). She also did blood work. The blood work came back yesterday and everything is normal except she has a BUN of 104 (range 7-59) and CPK of 10781 (range 80-2087). These were her only elevated labs and the vet said she was going into renal failure and now wants to start her on daily fluid therapy. I have done a lot of research and see these labs could be elevated with other symptoms such as dehydration and a lot of Vit D exposure (which she was basking 24/7 the days prior to her vet appt). They can also be elevated with infection and stress. She is also acting normal now going in the water, swimming around, eating, etc. I guess I am unsure if she really needs the stress of daily fluid therapy or if it would be better to continue the antibiotics and do a wait and see approach? Just curious if anyone else has had any similar experience and labs?
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Post Posted: Tue Apr 27, 2021 9:14 pm   Re: Renal disease?

Do you have any pictures of the pinkness? In most cases, its nothing to be worried about. As for the blood test results, I do not have anything to compare it with for you, though I would suggest finding a message board or facebook group in which you can discuss these things with vets/lab techs.
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