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This section covers general information about red ear sliders and does not go into basic care issues. Use this section to inform yourself about general facts and issues of RES.

RES Artwork The Red Ear Slider is a semi-aquatic turtle and is easily the most common reptile pet in the world. RES and other reptiles are often regarded as “exotic” animals and we will require the services of a herpetological (herp) veterinarian, if necessary. Captive RES suffer from high mortality rates, usually at the hands of inadequate habitats, lack of veterinary care and irresponsible keepers.

This section covers wild RES and native habitats and their comparison towards their captive counterparts. The general information extends toward the physical features of RES, how to measure them, and how to determine if you have a male or female. If you need care information, you may want to head over to the Basic Care section.

We’ll cover the best way to acquire a RES and go over a federal law regarding turtles. The infamous 4” law explicitly prohibits the sale of turtles with shells under 4” in length, yet there are legitimate ways to become a turtle owner.

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