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Post Posted: Tue May 17, 2005 10:53 pm   hello

Hello I just found this site. Thankfully
DH purchased tutrle for DD 5th birthday must to my dismay at first. He fell for the uninformed mall salesman info. Afer reading this site (and otehrs) I was able to 1. prove I was right YEAH and 2. provide a much improved home for the turtles. If we are gonna keep them gotta do it right.
I am excited about this learning experience for our family and the fun of watching the turtles grow

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Post Posted: Wed May 18, 2005 8:44 am   

Hi and Welcome to the site! :D I also bought my turts on impulse, trusting what the ppl at the store told me. Thank God for the internet!
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Ditto!---I was walking around in a flea market and my niece pointed the turtle out and said she wanted it, I didn't know anything about turtles, other than what they look like, so I bought one for her and later that day I bought one for my nephew (they don't share much), I guess I thought to myself, "heck they're small, how much trouble could they be?", a whole bunch of hours later that month on the internet, I found out just what I was going to need :o :o , I am still glad I got them though :D :D

Welcome to the board by the way :D
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Welcome. You may find keeping turtles quite challenging at first, but most rewarding (and I don't think the learning really ever stops). Any questions, just post.
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