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Post Posted: Tue Jul 06, 2021 10:56 am   Water Aggitator / Net

Hello fellow turtle lovers. I have a dilemma and need some help. I have a 125-gallon tank that I need to agitate the top of the water to keep the sludge off. My old Eheim that is like 10+ years old is brittle plastic and breaking apart. It had 4 suction cups to hold it and since Turd climbed on it jsut hung over the side of tank. Pump still works. Want to upgrade to a new agitator. Bought one at local store that had a large suction cup with lever to securely fasten to glass of tank. Worked great but MAN, what a horrid vibration/humming noise it had. Thought it was my FX6. but no, it was the new agitator. Took it off and noise went away.

With this said any suggestions on surface agitation that will securely fasten to tank and not be so loud can hear across the house? Turd climbs on things in tank so needs to be solid.

Another item: I am looking for a long handle NON extendable tank net to pick up turd poop from the glass floor. Tried extendable/telescoping models but don’t seem to work. Especially if I have to go around a rock.

Thanks in advance for help and suggestions.
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Post Posted: Wed Jul 07, 2021 12:52 am   Re: Water Aggitator / Net

Is the filter outlet below the water surface? If it can't be re-positioned, what about an air stone?

The brand of nets I use is Marina, however most nets with a long handle come with a bigger net which might be tricky for you to maneuver around objects.
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