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Post Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2017 7:04 pm   75 Gal - 2 Turtles : External filter ?

Hi everyone,

Title pretty much says it all, but to give some background : I have 2 RES that I got as "rescue" from Cl. Only had them in the "large" tank for a little under a week. So far I have 3 filters in there : an aquaclear 110, a whisper 30-60, and the small green "reptofilter" labeled as 125gpf. It seems that they're doing an ok job for now, but I've been feeding the pellets in a separate tank, which I don't plan to do on the long term (lots of work and I'm planning on using that spare tank to make a nice basking area/penthouse), and the noise from the water running is a little annoying.

I was wondering about external filters, as I've seem they apparently do a better job. For this 75gal setup with the 2 turtles, if I were to feed them in the tank, would one of these external filter be able to keep the water clear for more than a week or two, and would it be able to do that if working with no other filters ? If so, what type of filter should I be looking at ? Any specific model/brand to recommend (Ideally in the 100-150 $ range)?

Thanks for your help !
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Post Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2017 9:06 pm   Re: 75 Gal - 2 Turtles : External filter ?

Need to know what size each are to answer?

EDIT : Seen your other post , they reached sexual maturity ! That small tank will load up fast and those filter "together" could work but you will be cleaning every 3-5 days with that heavy load on them.

Turtles need for every inch of shell 10 gallons of water alone ! This is to help control parameters of the water! So just say , two four inch turtles that's 80 gallons water along not an 80 tank partially filled. Unless you fill full and have a 'ATBA"

Most all filters are rated for fish gallons and a turtle needs 3-4x's that flow rate , some say even 5x's that of fish gallons ( for large turtles)!

And you have two in one tank for now which may come down to separating them // you can't watch every minute , that female will get mad enough that she could hurt him or worst. You are seeing that start to happen now !

Here's a chart that can help , just remember that these listed are for fish gallons and turtles need 3-4x's the flow. Example 100 gallon tank for fish is 100 gallon filter BUT turtles on that 100 gallons would need a filter rated for 300-400 flow rate ! Also media setup for a turtle !

Some Filter brands :

See filter media thread : viewtopic.php?f=9&t=30145

Myself on 120 gallons water use a FX6 for one turtle.
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