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Looked at the in-line , no lost of space , but thought matching one up to my flow rate would not be as good to get the level I wanted. Having one with its own pump would be matched better for level 1,2 and 3 cleaning ? At least one would think? Liked Kiwi's model for the same reason extra water movement. As stated ,clean is clean , the water is only 15" deep in my 150 gallon tub and I can see the color of my shrimps eyes. That is until Mickey get's them. I was just thinking how much work/money could be spent just to get that extra 1% clean. Rush Limbaugh once said , no different than a bottle of drinking water , how much the public would be willing to spend for an extra 1% clean? For me didn't see any extra clarifying going on but may be helping as far as healthier... Will keep using it for awhile , until Mickey throws it out the tank , too see? If I still had my other house ,in ground pond , sure I would have given it a 5 star rating. I tried some new technology and can say I learned , no harm. For me the old time way works still today. Just thinking as time goes by , age/health, I could find ways to help with the work that goes into keeping my friends.
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