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Post Posted: Mon Jul 24, 2017 3:35 pm   Told to only feed red eared slider turtle shrimp?!


I am taking care of my schools turtle for the next month. I was told to feed our turtle (it is around 30 years old) only shrimp every two weeks (they have been doing this for 6 months)....from this website that seems insanely wrong!

I fed it adult pellets today and am going to try veggies tomorrow recommended on this website.

Is there any reason why I would only feed it shrimp? should I keep doing that? I am worried for his health because his shell looks discolored and not like other pictures I see on the internet of turtle shells. I attached an image of the shell.

Please let me know of any other foods I should give it to make sure that he is healthy.

Thanks Turtle Team!
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Post Posted: Mon Jul 24, 2017 5:06 pm   Re: Told to only feed red eared slider turtle shrimp?!

Feeding only shrimp is bad for a turtle , it can cause gout that is a form of arthritis in a turtle. Already looks as this turtle had a hard life !

It should be on 50-70% veggies see here for ideas : http://www.redearslider.com/plants.html (Read careful the good and bad food)
and the balance a good variety and nutritious protein , not always shrimp. Shrimp only should be used rarely as a treat !!!

Turtles hide health problems well even to a Herp Vet . You already looking on this site , how about for the rest of the time you are babysitting that you do a paper on proper feeding of adult turtles. Turtles could live 50 plus years .

Age on most turtles will have that brownish to black color and loose most of there patterns. This guy been through things , carapace tells a lot. Read more on this site feeding and nutrition and as much as you can . Do that paper on care , feeding and present to the teacher , may get credit for it. Bottom line this guy is old and should be given a good habitat and diet so he can be happy and healthy.

Thank You for caring !
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