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Post Posted: Sat Jun 03, 2017 9:16 am   Why won't my baby RES eat his food sticks?

I started out giving Lenny something called Turtle Delite (100% dried shrimp) about a month ago. At first I never noticed him eating it & I couldn't tell if he was eating it while I wasn't watching because I would see some of the shrimp on the bottom of the tank. He seemed fine so I left him alone & continued feeding even though I thought he wasn't eating. About a week ago I bought ReptoMin Baby food sticks. I put 2 sticks in his tank & it looked as if he was smelling them but he didn't eat them. So I decided to add a little bit of the shrimp. This was the first time I saw Lenny it the shrimp!!! He tore those shrimp up, I was so excited & entertained. Anyway, I've still been offering him the food sticks but now I noticed he will take a bite of it and spit it out. Then, he will hunt for the shrimp. My question is, how can I get Lenny to eat his food sticks so he can get the nutrients he needs??? He's just like my kids, he'd rather eat his treats than his vitamins :D
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Post Posted: Sat Jun 03, 2017 11:06 am   Re: Why won't my baby RES eat his food sticks?

Yes just like kids. He / she at one month with you is still adjusting. Some turtles take a longer time. Once he/she associates you with food all will be better. Then you have to deal with all that begging ! Don't forget to remove any uneaten food after 30 minutes or you will foul you tank. Try a variety of foods .

Do you like a tuna sandwich , the kind in "Water" if not get a small can save the can water and use that to soak the sticks in then feed you friend. Will make it nice and smelly. Even try a little of the tuna itself.

Make sure the kids and Dad are not feeding it behind your back and its getting over feed. It's not healthy to over feed better to under feed.
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Post Posted: Sat Jun 03, 2017 11:07 am   Re: Why won't my baby RES eat his food sticks?

You guessed it, he's holding out for treats. Most RES are absolute pigs and beggars but some can be very stubborn. A diet consisting mostly of treats is not very healthy and I would probably withhold it completely. You need to make sure he's eating healthy, especially if he's a hatchling or just new to the family.

edit: litefoot is much faster than I :)
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