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Post Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2016 9:58 am   13 yo RES has become VERY picky/disinterested to eating

We got Quack as a re-homing situation, so although he is about 13 yo we have had him less than a year. The past couple months he has shown very little interest in eating the things he used to devour: frozen veggie blocks, sticks, pellets. The only thing he is remotely interested in is Superworms and maybe earthworms. Superworms are not a high nutrient food right? Have we turned him into a junkfood addict or something? Is it seasonal? Could he be sick or lacking vitamins? (I have also never gotten him to eat any fresh veggies or fruits). He also seems to have a fair amount of shedding skin hanging off him these days. Related?

He is 7in long and lives in a 75 gallon tank. Water temp is between 77-80. Currently he is getting 13 hrs uv light/heat lamp. We feed him in a separate tank every other day. He seems to bask an appropriate amount, several hours/day.

Thanks for any insight/suggestions!
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Post Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2016 7:02 pm   Re: 13 yo RES has become VERY picky/disinterested to eating

Welcome to this forum. I'm new here to but having turtles ( RES ) mostly for over thirty years. First sure its a male? They could have re homed it when they found out its a female with eggs? Post a picture if you are not sure , that will help us on the forum. Or you could feel for eggs... Skin shedding is it in a bare glass tank ? I always keep some big rocks / driftwood in my tanks so they have something to rub on helping get peeling off , that's just me. For an adult water temp a little high , I keep my 18 yr old at 75-76 for the water . Bad bacteria likes high temps... 13 hr's basking but depends on wattage how far away are the bulbs? I have a 75wt heat and a 5.0 UV at ten inches and that keeps that area at 85-88*. Have you ever checked temp there? CONCERN for now is eating. You stated been going on for two months !!! In wild they can go for weeks and be OK. But tamed in a tank lets get it eating soon ! I found most can not resist radish leaves a grocery will just give you a leaf to try. Maybe you can have a tuna sandwich or salmon give Quack a little. Know anyone with a fish tank , ask for one minnow , kill it , smash it make it easy for Quack to catch. Catch a live cricket. Go to a pet shop and get some Hornswort or anacharis , frogbit or a park you may find some duckweed. Male/female some this time of year can still feel winters coming and just slow down and even get moody. I think it been long enough , time for a Vet , they need a look.( again that's just me) TWO months ??? With being a holiday... hopefully some others may chime in. Wish you and Quack best of luck.
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Post Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 11:18 am   Re: 13 yo RES has become VERY picky/disinterested to eating

Yes, a few of us has had turtles change moods over the winter. I would not just feed him superworms, if anything use the stuff you normally use but try new things as well. If there is still a lack of interest, I'd just reduce the amounts each time. Right now my male RES eats about 1/2 as many pellets as he normally gets and ignores his veggies. In a couple of months he should be back to normal.
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