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Post Posted: Tue Oct 11, 2016 11:52 pm   Very Picky Turtle

Well, the title describes it all..
I have a 2-3 inch yellow belly slider named Peaches (I'm guessing she's about 7-9 months old). I caught about 7 baby sliders in the lake by my house 6 months ago. Peaches was originally for my aunt who has a 35+ year old slider named Otis. Long story short she couldn't have her so I was able to keep her.
She's in a 55 gallon tank (heated/uvb) with 2 very large goldfish and a minnow that she hasn't eaten yet (don't know why. Guess they're friends now. It's been a month). When I first got her to keep, I bought shrimp grammas and reptomin baby pellets. I offered pellets first but no luck... then I offered shrimp and she loved them! But that was 5-6 months ago.. she is still refusing pellets and only eating shrimp. I understand that it is very unhealthy that she's on a high-protein diet but she will only eat shrimp and feeder minnows. :evil:
Sometimes when I offer pellets, she bites them but spits them out once she realizes it's not her shrimp. It's ridiculous. I don't know what to do anymore as to switching her. I've read that I should try soaking them in tuna juice but I don't know if she'd go after it...
if also tried the tough love method but she's a little butt and splashes all day long until I finally give her her shrimp.. I know that's not the best motherly thing to do but it's annoying and I don't want to see her hungry.. :(
But, I will also note, when I feed the goldfish before I feed her (I feed them flakes) she goes after them and seems to be okay with them but I think that's just because she wants food first. Sigh.. please help. I want her to be healthy.

::::: she doesn't eat insects or veggies even when offered either. Still seemingly healthy and active as usual :::::
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Heck I would eat shrimp instead of hotdogs myself! Try Omega one pellets and stick to your guns. Your turtle will eat them when it gets hungry enough. Don't give in!! All you have is a spoiled turtle. Time for tuff love.
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