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Post Posted: Fri Mar 20, 2015 11:19 pm   1 year, 2 feedings rule

How strict should I be with that?

Lately she seems very hungry when I come home in the evening. (I know RES are notorious beggars, I know.)

As I understand, it's one meal/day until age 1. I count her birthday as when she came home with me in August of last year. No way to know exact DOB of course, but she's from Chinatown L.A. I'm sure she was just born. She was tiny.

Shell looks good. Growing at what seems to me a healthy pace, but not too fast (no pyramiding).

She's still 5 months away from being a 1 year old (time flies!). Snacks only in the evening until August, right?

P.S., I haven't given her lettuce in a while. I need to get some tomorrow. I never got a response from you guys about the leafy greens of a carrot, which I presently have. OK to feed, or nah?

Thanks guys! Hope you and your turtle babies are happy and well! :msgreen:
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Post Posted: Sat Mar 21, 2015 11:55 am   Re: 1 year, 2 feedings rule

I think that leafy part has a bitterness to it. Have you looked into the jello-shot recipe? You might be able to create something in-between for your RES.
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