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Feeding and Pyramiding?

PostPosted: Sun Nov 23, 2014 10:02 pm
by TurtleTipper
Hi my name is Vanessa and I am new here. A few months ago I got 2 baby RES turtles. I assume they were hatchling since they were barely bigger than a quarter. Just yesterday one of them died and I'm positive that it was from a RI but I am no where near a herp vet and none of the vets in my areas even looked at turtles.
But recently I have notices on my surviving turtle named Raphael (yes i know ninja turtle) that his shell looks odd to me. He acts normal he has always been a very active turtle since I've had him and I do not believe that he will get sick from when Rufus was sick. But from what I have looked up it seems that his shell is starting to pyramid? I just recently this week started feeding him a zoomeds hatchling formula. Before that he was on reptomin food sticks and also as a treat here and there I would give him zoomeds red shrimp only about 1 or 2 every few days. The very first formula that I was given when I bought them was turtle sticks by a brand named Sanyu. I fed him twice a day in the morning when I woke up and about dinner time. Is it possible that he was getting too much protein from the previous types of food?

Re: Feeding and Pyramiding?

PostPosted: Sun Nov 23, 2014 10:45 pm
by steve
Hi Vanessa! RI is contagious, did you clean the tank and filter after he died? Most likely he was getting too much protein and is still getting too much. How big is he now?