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Filling the aquarium to the max the platform will go will seem like he has a little more room.

For every 1 in of a turtle they need atleast 10g of aquarium space. Looks like that aquarium is possibly a 10g
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TravisL wrote:Sorry lots of input but a lot of people don't realize that tiny turtle some a$$hole selling on a street shop is very costly and require a lot of effort

Yep. George is from Chinatown. The guy who sold her just wanted money. He told me to keep George in regular tap water and gave me pellets way too big for her tiny head. These vendors get very nervous when they see me taking pictures (I report them to PETA). I am glad George is rescued to a better life with me :)
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Report it 311 or FDA... they actually have authority to shut them down (but probably won't). Those vendors know nothing about actual care... and honestly most people probably won't buy them if they knew. To be fair, most pet stores don't know either.
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