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Post Posted: Wed Jun 24, 2020 9:38 pm   Filter for outdoor kiddie pool

We have just adopted a red-eared slider that used to be a classroom pet. He is around 20 years old and in healthy condition. He came with a 40 gallon tank, which we are in the process of replacing with a 75 gallon tank. Every afternoon, we put him in a 100 gallon hard-sided kiddie pool for a few hours to get exercise, sunshine, and have a change of pace. I’d like to get a filter for the pool so that we don’t have to clean it every couple days. From what I can tell, the canister filters recommended for aquariums are not intended for outdoor use, but pond filters are intended for much larger size ponds. I’m considering getting a canister filter and creating a weatherproof container or structure for it. Does anyone have experience with a setup like this, or another suggestion? We live in Southern California, with some rain in the winter and little to none in the summer. Except for a couple weeks in the winter and summer, the temperature is generally between 45 and 90 degrees. We probably will not put him out there when the temperature is more extreme, but would like to be able to leave the filter in place. It can get above 110 F in summer, and we do sometimes have a couple days of light frost in winter.
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Post Posted: Wed Jun 24, 2020 9:58 pm   Re: Filter for outdoor kiddie pool

The main issue with a canister filter is that it is gravity fed, so it resides below a tank to prime and run efficiently. It can work but requires a little bit more effort especially if you can't raise the height of the pool.

There are more basic pond filters, that's probably your best best. There are a few DIY filters too, that is worth a try if you're handy. Overall a 100 gallon pool is not very big, so I think you'll have to change the water regularly. Perhaps just a simple pump for circulation at a minimum.
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