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Post Posted: Mon Jun 18, 2018 12:08 pm   Inherited male & female res. Want to put in existing outside

The female is 8" the male is 6". Been in aquariums of ever increasing sizes for 8 years. I've had them for 6mos. Just put them in kiddie pool for the summer on deck of house and bring them in at night. I would like to put out them in my outside pond. I think they would be happier (yes? no?) I have questions: 1. Would they have predators outside? 2. Would they wander away. 3. Do they need direct sunlight to bask? Pond is in bright shade with some sunlight. 4. Live in Zone 7B in north western SC. 5. Stream/pond system so water is clean and stays open throughout winter unless freezing for over a week. I just want happy res's.
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Post Posted: Tue Jun 19, 2018 8:16 am   Re: Inherited male & female res. Want to put in existing out

Hi, will try to answer:
1 - Yes... mainly raccoons but possibly others depending where you live and how your pond is setup
2 - Yes, especially if they are not used to it
3 - No, but it needs to be warm and they would greatly benefit from some Sun
4 - Temps are doable, but it depends on your pond depth/volume
5 - Not sure what you mean by Stream/pond system
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