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Post Posted: Sat Oct 01, 2022 3:40 pm   Baby Tank Set up

I have 4 babies (2 yo), and 2 adults (10yo and 27yo).
We live in the East Coast, the big turtles are in separated tanks in the basement with water temp >70s (we have little kids and we keep our house very warm).
Looking to upgrade the baby turtle tanks...
Unfortunately it's been so long ago, I forgot what baby turtles need.
Thinking of keeping 2 and 2 together (would love to keep all 4 together but I know better).

Q: Are any of these tanks with build in filter good?
Also- I don't like to use any glass heaters (sad stories with previous active turtles), if I keep the babies also in the basement (warmer than upstairs)...
Q: Can I just use a basking lamp for heating source? Are their any brands that provides both heating and UVB or I must get separate ones?

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Post Posted: Sun Oct 02, 2022 4:40 am   Re: Baby Tank Set up

Are you able to sex the smaller turtles? Any of the males would very likely need their own setups.

Tanks with built in filters have not improved... a canister is still the best option.

I use a glass heater but has a protective plastic sleeve over it. You can also get a metal heater that would be shatter proof. You can also get an in-line heater that connects to the hose of a canister filter or look into a canister with a built-in heater. Using a lamp will be inconsistent and likely lead to algae issues.

The only lamps that still provide heat and UVB are mercury vapor bulbs (mvb). As before, there are only a few brands that make them but they are usually not recommended for smaller turtles as they put out a lot of heat.

Hope some of that helps!
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Post Posted: Sun Oct 02, 2022 4:06 pm   Re: Baby Tank Set up

Hi Steve!
Yes this is helpful!
As always, Thanks for always being here to help us!!!!
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