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Post Posted: Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:56 pm   Algae, algae, everywhere.....

So I have a 75 gallon setup for a little 2.5 ounce RES.....and we have major algae....major. I scrub and do a water change once a week, but it's a losing battle it seems. Are there any recommendations for cleaner crews like snails, or something? Looking for ideas on how to control this. It is a fairly new tank, so maybe it's going through the uglies? Any advice is appreciated!!

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Post Posted: Tue Nov 28, 2017 11:49 pm   Re: Algae, algae, everywhere.....

Usually the bacteria in the nitrogen cycle digest the algae nutrients. To have such algae and or algae blooms tells me your tank is not "cycled". Your weekly water changes are to high a percentage (too much fresh water added ) killing the bacteria needed to get things going. How much water in the 75 gallon tank ? To little water makes getting a cycle very hard , larger volumes normally are easier to start and to maintain. Babies by the time sold are great swimmer in deeper water just add some extra resting spots if you want to help the little guy. That's why it's recommended 10 gallons water for every 1" of shell. Not just for more swimming room but to be able to control waters parameters.

Any cleaning crew yes will eat an amount BUT they just poop in the tank so no real help.

Start over from the very beginning and only do 10% water changes for 6 weeks so to allow the cycle to happen. That first algae bloom will die off as the cycle starts. Most want to do very large water changes to get rid of that first algae bloom but that kills the good bacteria that's needed for a cycle to start. That only adds to the algae problem. You must test a lot to know exactly what stage the cycle is in . Keep notes you will have peaks and fall's in those 6 weeks. Also never wash any bio media in tap water it kills the good bacteria you trying to keep in the tank/filter use tank water only to rinse bio media off. That brownish junk on bio media don't wash it off that's your good bacteria ! There are several ways to start a cycle read to find best for you. I like seeding the best , but that's just me , others may like other's methods. Also your baby can be in the tank as it cycles , turtles breath like us and are hardy so no problem. Just don't add any good fish you want to keep you will lose them. If you want put some trash fish in to help the cycle start some/most yes will die but that's called a fish cycle or you can do a fishless cycle. Even use the seeding method are just a few way's to start a cycle. Read up on cycling will help. It takes patience to start a cycle will not and can not happen over night.
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Post Posted: Fri Dec 01, 2017 3:46 pm   Re: Algae, algae, everywhere.....

Is it just green water or is it growing on tank surfaces?
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