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Post Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2017 10:06 pm   Filter Media Question

how's it going guys? I have a quick question about my filter media. I checked the media thread but none of the pictures are showing up so i'm not sure what i'm missing from them. I currently have 1 RES in a 40 gallon breeder tank with a fluval 406 filter.in the top 2 canisters i have ceramic and in the bottom 2 i have carbon. i change the carbon about once every 6-8 weeks and the ceramic not nearly as often (and never all the ceramic at once). the water for the most part is clear so i guess i'm doing it right but def open to suggestions about if things are in the right order or if there's something else out there that could work better (bioballs/matrix/etc). also, i have some polishing pads i'm tired of looking at and was thinking about putting in the filter on my next media change, just wasn't sure if it was worth it and/or where to put them exactly (on top of the first ceramic canister?). As always any and all help is appreciated, thanks!
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Post Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2017 11:27 pm   Re: Filter Media Question

You can thank photobucket for no pictures. They don't do third party hosting anymore for free , cost $$$.
Media: if what you are doing for regular maintenance along with the filter works then stay with it. For 40 gallon tank if full only needs 2 cups of carbon as per most instructions. Most carbons get saturated in 4-6 weeks and should be changed. I change my carbon on the 1st of every month it's cheap enough.
Does your tank hold a cycle ? Do you have substrate in it ?
The bio media (rings) last almost forever and most don't need to be changed. Maybe once a year or two I may change part never all at the same time. If I do even change some I always place what's going to be put in filter in a bag and hang it in the tank to seed it so I do not lose my cycle ( my good bacteria). All that brownish junk on them don't remove it or think it's bad ! That's all your good bacteria you want for a cycle ! Also never use tap water to clean them that kills the bacteria. Only use tank water just to rinse them off of any bulk waste.
Polishing pads do work But you will have to adjust your maintenance schedule because they get clogged up fast. And you know how we all love doing maintenance ! To maybe keep you bio media cleaner on the bottom basket cut to fit an extra pad there then put your carbon on top of it. Since the flow comes from the bottom up to the 4 baskets. If you cant keep a good cycle for you filter to work better and have No substrate to hold it I would put bio ring in the three top baskets and half carbon half purigen in the bottom . That would be a good setup for a turtle. Yes that would be less carbon but enough to remove any chlormines in your water.
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Post Posted: Tue Nov 28, 2017 12:03 pm   Re: Filter Media Question

I didn't realize those were on photobucket. I'll try to migrate some of those pictures locally.
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