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Post Posted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 7:07 am   Is Biological Filtration enough for a filter?

I saw someone that run a filter with 100% ceramic rings..No mechanical/chemical filtration at all..Does it work because when i look at their tank,it's almost crystal clear.. :?: :?:
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Post Posted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 8:10 am   Re: Is Biological Filtration enough for a filter?

Need more detail or a link to see their system. Amount of bio to volume of water. I've done similar decades ago and yes could work but it must have even for one turtle at least 200 gallons of water between the two systems so the water cycle stays up. If cycle is broken you will have big problems. Small water volumes are way to hard to try to control the cycle , that's why for a turtle most recommend 10 gallons for every inch of shell. Note one can have crystal clear water that is toxic if the parameters are way off ! Also you still have water changes to do maybe not in such large volumes but yes still . You will have to study up a lot on how beneficial bacteria works becoming a hydrologist and a little chemistry to get it correct. Turtles are not simple or cheap pets , the work but that work is worth it !
There is or should be something mechanical to protect the bio media , must not get clogged , something , if they got clogged up with trash they do not work ! My setup years ago had 40 gallons of bio media in a 100 gallon tank to service a 100 gallon turtle tank . Works better if bio media has proper room to move around not stand still ! Collects more beneficial bacteria evenly! And this was done way before the new term of moving bed filter's came about ! With the advancements of filters and media today and having proper size filter for turtle waste like an FX everything balanced in one place works.

Like to see what you saw , if on a small scale I say _____ ! To control the water parameters you will need a large area with just ceramic rings. And if he is using ceramic today not that efficient as something like K1 is much more efficient !! Not that simple , example one has a H.O.T. filter and only puts ceramic rings in , will never work , one must do the math for correct % bio media to water volume. Now if I had an old extra H.O.T. filter I would put just bio in it ALONE as a second filter with regular filter working together , that can help ! Seen people wash all that brownish stuff off bio meter with fresh water " that's a big NO ! That's the good beneficial bacteria ! Must only use tank water or treated water and rinse if getting clogged to keep it alive to do it's job, yes it's alive ! That's why a pre filter for bio is needed.

If you want crystal clear water with proper media and filter I can give it to you. All it takes is correct mechanical media in the flow first , a med to fine pad on top of your bio say rings to make sure they stay clean of waste , proper amount of carbon ( must be changed every month it does get saturated with toxins ) and proper amount pruigen at the final stage. Pruigen last 3-5 months and can be regenerated for further use. 20 % water changes every week if need or not for prevention and you have crystal clear safe water. And with proper sized filter flow (like an FX ) to turtle the tank maintenance could be done once every 3-4 weeks. Not everything on the "net" gives one full detail's and or explanations to ever step and may or not work. It is for us to do homework and pick what actually works for themselves.

And if you want something simpler and pretty Kool look into setting up a bog system for your turtle , you may like that better ?
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