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Post Posted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 7:33 pm   RED slider tank

I'm new to the forum and have question about my turtles tank. I have read through the forum a bit and think I know what to do. So I have 2 RED sliders in a 50 gallon tank and seems that lately when I clean the tank it gets cloudy within couple days. I'm sure part of it is them feeding and doing their bathroom stuff also as well as the filter I'm currently using which I think is just to small for them now since they are getting bigger.
I plan to upgrade tank to at least 100 gallon and filtration but not sure the kind of filtration. They do get messy on bottom of tank and thinking I need filtration that lays on bottom of tank that will suck all the stuff out into a filter.
I put up 3 pics
1 of the cloudy tank
1 of size of turtles
1 of same filter I'm using with my African side neck turtle

Can anyone shoot me their opinions and knowledge?
Same type of filter I'm using with REDs , pic is from my sideneck
One of my RED on their basking floater to get size idea
Pic of tank cloudy and I just cleaned 3 or 4 days ago
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Post Posted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 10:28 pm   Re: RED slider tank

If other slider about same size setup way too small and with only that little water along with the amount of waste produced filter is very underrated ! Turtles that size you should know the sexes and could offer the adult home to each / final setup needed.

Turtles to be happy and healthy need for every inch of shell 10 gallons of water alone and basking area. This is also true to control the water parameters !

Most filters are rated for fish gallons and turtles require 3-5x's flow to be healthy due to the messy nature.

No filtration on bottom will do what's needed , only a properly rated filter for the size of your turtles now is what's needed , they are no longer babies and are producing a lot of waste in that small amount of water. You have a very high bio-load !

Do you know how to tell sexes ? That will help you decide on what's needed !

One light bulb , what type is it ? What's water temp ? What's basking temp ?

You must be doing larger water changes to try and help maybe 100% water changes. All that is doing is Not letting you water cycle and only getting algae blooms instead.
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Post Posted: Tue Jul 18, 2017 10:42 am   Re: RED slider tank

Hi, first you need to so something about that stand. Most of the weight is distributed around the edges and you do not have it properly supported.

You are also looking at a significantly larger tank if you want less maintenance. 100 gallon would be fine for a single adult RES. Do you know the genders of your turtles?
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