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Post Posted: Fri Jul 07, 2017 10:28 am   Parents Won't Let My RES Turtle Have Bigger Tank

Okay, so I know there are many threads on this subject but hear me out, my parents have literally said no to every single thing I've said. Doesn't matter if he could die or if he would become so big that he couldn't even move, they wouldn't care. Instead their response is, "He won't grow if he doesn't have room" or "He doesn't need that, he's fine". I have tried showing them proof that he will grow but they won't believe me. I see a lot of controversy over RES growing bigger than their tank allows them, but I honestly hope he grows enough so that they will understand how little room he has. All of my other pets are very spoiled, as my hamster Zoe has a 5+ foot long detolf tank and my FBT's will be very spoiled once I get them a new tank which my parents allow??? They don't need it but I feel like they would enjoy the extra room plus then they can have a bigger water feature, more plants and structures, etc. So basically if my pet does actually not need it, they will let them have it, but if they actually do need it, it's not important. I've tried arguing or asking it for a Christmas present or even saying "I will buy it!" but all they do is laugh and say "No you're not." It's the most frustrating thing in the world. I ask if people can give me some ideas or maybe some information that will try to convince them that indeed this is necessary and that he can't live in a 55 gallon tank for the rest of his life. Right now he is about 6+ inches and is getting bigger and I fear that he won't be able to grow his full size and stay in a tiny tank. He only has about half the room of a 55 gallon tank since most of it is taken up by the filter, heater, basking area, plants, rocks, etc. He always wants to come out and I take him out almost every day to run around. Also, my parents don't think he need calcium??? I am going to try to convince them that he is not cheap and that they should've researched before they just took him from another family that didn't research at all. I thought that the turtle was small and that my parents would see that he was getting bigger but nope he was 4 inches long already. So he has grown and he really needs a better diet as well. I want the best for my animals and feel like it is my responsibility to take care of him as nobody else is! Also, we barely clean the tank and I cannot do it by myself as one, I am only 11 and two, I don't know how to work the water vacuum or pick up the entire tank and take it outside. I have trouble with lifting a 20 gallon so imagine more than twice that. Anyways, I am doing a lot of research and I hope that I can find a way to convince my parents to either buy or let me buy with my own money, at least a 100+ gallon tank as he is a boy. That way we don't have a 75 gallon tank, a 95 gallon tank, a 60 gallon tank, etc. I am planning to use the 55 gallon for my hermit crabs as they only have a 20 gallon and I have ten hermit crabs so I would like to transfer them so they can have more room for burrowing, climbing, etc. Thank you for reading and please give me any suggestions I do appreciate it. Thanks! :)
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Post Posted: Fri Jul 07, 2017 12:25 pm   Re: Parents Won't Let My RES Turtle Have Bigger Tank

Is that 55 gallon a regular aquarium? It might be a bit small, but you can still make it work for awhile until you can convince them or put the resources yourself together.
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Post Posted: Fri Jul 07, 2017 1:26 pm   Re: Parents Won't Let My RES Turtle Have Bigger Tank

Every now and then tell them how much you are learning with the turtle , just the water alone you could go into geology , environmental science , even engineering , maybe into herpetology when older. Tell them of the cute things it does , it's personality. If you really like the turtle you may offer to give up another pet and find a good home for it. Ask if that could help change there mind.

Being a male 90 gallon would be the adult size tank. Glass tanks are $$$ what about a stock tank much cheaper. Will go on ground more like a pond and easier to clean. You could dress up the outside with a $3 table cloth for looks. I only use stock tanks , to me more like a natural pond and I think it makes turtles feel more comfortable. Never seen a glass pond in nature? To me a glass tank is for us (humans) to view as a show tank. With a stock tank on the floor you still get to see all . I keep my chair next to it where I can hang my arm in tank to play with Piggley , it's great for me and him . You can make it as simple or as elaborate as you want.
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Post Posted: Sat Jul 08, 2017 9:21 am   Re: Parents Won't Let My RES Turtle Have Bigger Tank

If your tank is only half full of water, I'd say you should focus on filling it all the way and doing an inexpensive above tank basking area with some plastic and stuff. That way you can wait for a while before upgrading the tank, and you will be a little older and maybe save up more of your own money.

Since you are so young, you would need your parent's help with this, but I always say look at Craigslist for stuff: a canister filter, which would also free up room in the tank.

This way, it is more like remodeling the house you have, instead of convincing your parents to buy a new house!

I think a full 55 gallon with an above tank basking area wouldn't be too bad for a 6 inch turtle, especially if he isn't growing that fast and you can upgrade to a bigger tank in a year or two?

What do you think about that?

Also, the new tank can eventually be bought on Craigslist or with the dollar-a-gallon sale (does not include lids) at Petco (a few times a year). Again, don't try to do Craigslist transactions on your own, I don't want to send an 11 year old to a stranger's house!

Or do what litefoot suggested and switch to a stock tank, if your house allows for it and your don't have dogs or cats!

Also, you shouldn't need to be picking up and dumping the tank to clean it! Get a siphon and do partial water changes, putting the dirty water into a large tupperware. That should be easier and safer...

Lastly, it's awesome that you are so into herps at such a young age. Even though your parents won't let you upgrade your tank right now, it's still neat that they let you have all these critters. Maybe soon you can look into volunteering or interning at a zoo or animal hospital or something- get you more time and experience with herps and other animals, without having to grow your collection right now! Good luck :)
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