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Post Posted: Sun Jan 29, 2017 12:33 am   new turtle owner

Hello I am new to the forum. I recently received a 4 year old res from a family member who got a turtle as a present (terrible idea). She no longer wanted it and since I am a huge animal lover I couldnt bare to see it given away to someone who wouldnt care for properly. He is currently in a 20 Gallon tank with Heat lamp/UV lamp, Water is always between 78-81 degrees and small filter attached to tank. We change his water regularly becaus the filter is small and doesnt do a great job. I truly believe he needs more space so have been looking to upgrade. I do not have a lot of money to spend but have seen the Zoomed Aquatic turtle set up (40 gallon) at Petsmart advertised for a reasonable price. I would much prefer to give him an even bigger tank but cannot find a company that makes a bigger tank with all the accessories! I feel like if I bought a 55 Gallon tank and then getting a quality filter and everything else would cost a pretty penny!

Sorry to ramble but does anyone have experience with the zoo med set up i am referring to? Is it worth the money even if its not as big as I would like? I read one review that the cannister filter didnt work well and now im afraid to bite the bullet. My turtle seems pretty happy but I know he would be better off in more water to swim around. The tank I currently have has a cut out on side for filter so I cant fill it up too much. Any suggestions on my next step would be appreciated. I personally would love to see him in my outdoor pond but we live on east coast and that wouldnt work very well! Thanks again for any input.
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Post Posted: Sun Jan 29, 2017 3:07 am   Re: new turtle owner

How much have you seen the kit for? Those are usually a bad deal and almost all turtle-specific products are a waste of money.

A 55 gallon can be had for $55 during those quarterly sales from Pecto/Petsmart. You can also snag pretty good deals on Craigslist for used aquariums. The filter is probably what you will spend the most on, and getting a good name brand filter will last you 5-10 years or more. Having a bigger tank (more water) will reduce the amount of maintenance as well.

Do you know if the turtle is male or female?
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