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Post Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2016 10:48 am   RES or Superman

1am Wednesday Ellen woke me up telling me to see what's up with the turtles. Mickey was up on top a new resting area I built for him. He is an adult RES about three , three an half pounds. Never keeps still long enough. I re homed him but now is back. Neighbor passed away and his wife wanted him out. So not to see him go in a park pond I took him back. He's/ Mickey is in with my Mississippi Map , tank 150 gallon Rubbermaid trough. I knew he would want his own resting area , made one big enough strong enough for an adult. Never done this before but put a top on it of plastic plants. ( cave like/ hiding area) Submersed 2" in the water like he was use to. This gave me a clearance of 12" to the top. I watched him take it apart using the plants as a ladder. Now Mickey's on top of plants on his hind legs checking to see how far he had to go for escape. He always was an escape artist . Thinking I had a foot clearance all would be ok. When he was a baby he never used ramps always taking the hard way. Mickey even climbed hanging plants to get where he wanted to go. That would make him stronger / yes it did ! When he saw me was startled and jumped. He was airborne / superman... Cleared the top of trough only having his plastron hit the side wall pushing him back to the water. Airborne ! If Mickey had a better angle he would be out. Only one got hurt was me. I was several feet away watching / thinking he was to hit the floor I ran forward / me hitting the floor hurting my wrist... Should have seen the look Mickey gave me when I took the resting area out. Learned something new ... Ellen again said our agreement was is to keep only one turtle??? Can see we are in for a big problem... I want Mickey to. My escape artist ! Remember this is an adult RES about three , three an half pounds. If he was not on his hind legs standing straight up this would of never happened. But then I am talking about a turtle ! All good now as far as Mickey. Ellen and I have a lot to talk about ?
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Post Posted: Fri Dec 16, 2016 1:52 pm   Re: RES or Superman

I'll never underestimate how good they are at escaping! If they can't climb over, they'll dig under. Sometimes they'll just push their way through. Sometimes climb over each other for an assist. I think I believe every RES escape story :)
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