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Post Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2016 2:41 pm   Tank Dimensions

Hi there!
Since this is my first time posting, here is a little bit of background before I ask any questions. I have one twelve-year-old RES female named Tommy. (I only discovered her gender last night!) that I've had since she was a baby. (Roughly, she was very small when I got her from Petco.)
She has lived in several tanks, upgrading as she's gotten bigger. My current set up is a 40 gallon breeder tank, with a Tetra Whisper internal power filter, and 40 gallon heater. She has a floating basking rock, and currently shares her tank with a 6" common Pleco. No substrate or add-ins.
Someone from my church recently offered me his old tank, stand, and filters/heaters. He dropped it off Sunday, and I've just recently had time to check it out.
The tank is quite big! It is 48"Lx21"Hx12"W. My question is - is 12" wide enough for Tommy to turn around in? She is ~7 1/2" long. She mostly swims back and forth along the front of the tank, and likes to drift up and down.
If this tank is suitable, I'll have a lot more questions as I try and get it set up. :)
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Post Posted: Wed Sep 28, 2016 3:06 am   Re: Tank Dimensions

I would probably stick with the breeder tank, though the 55 gallon has enough space. How high are you filling it up?
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