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Post Posted: Mon Sep 12, 2016 11:25 am   New turtle! New to everything!

Hi, guys! I recently adopted the five year old RES of a friend who due to certain health complications is no longer able to care for him. His name is Steven (I'm under strict obligation from a seven year to never change his name :P ) and he's pretty cute, if I do say so myself.
They gave me everything they had, but as you can probably see, they've kept his habitat fairly basic. (Sorry, I don't have a lot of of photos of the way his habit is set up, at the moment. I'll try to take some more photos later to give you a better picture.) They have large stones placed in the tank as a basking area and his basking light but not much else. For my own, aesthetic reasons, I'd like to make the tank a lot prettier and was wondering if you all have any suggestions as to what works best and what won't annoy Steven. I've done some research about substrate (making sure it's bigger than his head, easy to clean, etc) but was hoping to get advice from all of you and to know what works best for you guys!

Also if you any suggestions of any other equipment I might need (I've currently got a water heater and thermometer on order!) then it would be greatly appreciated! I'm open to any and all suggestions, I want to make sure Steven has a great home!
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Post Posted: Mon Sep 12, 2016 8:19 pm   Re: New turtle! New to everything!

Hi Kayla! Steven looks very healthy. Basic tanks are fine. Remember, you're the one thats cleaning it and basic tanks are much easier to clean :)

How big is the tank? I'd start from there...
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