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Post Posted: Fri Aug 05, 2016 8:53 pm   Tank Divider?

I've had my turtles for about 5 years now, when they were smaller I kept them separated in two different tanks, but I upgraded to a 55 gallon tank and kept them together and my larger female wasn't very friendly to my smaller male. So I used a eggcrate divider like most people suggest. Now I keep them in a 180 gallon tank, and they are still separated by the egg crate - and I hate the way it makes my tank look. I am trying to figure out some way that would look better in my tank, I know I could go buy some acrylic and make my own, but I'm looking to buy something already made (because I cant build anything/don't have the proper tools). It needs to be a little taller than the 180 gallon, because I have a canopy on top, and I don't want my little turtle climbing over, it also needs to have holes to allow water to filter through and big enough to allow my fish to swim through. I was just wondering if there was somewhere I could custom order one, or am I out of luck and have to keep my UGLY egg crate?
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Post Posted: Sat Aug 06, 2016 12:56 pm   Re: Tank Divider?

I think most commercial made dividers will not fit. I'd get some acrylic and you might be able to ask them to drill some holes into it. What are you using to hold the egg crate in place? Another thing to consider... they have egg crate in different colors and black looks pretty good.
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