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Post Posted: Sat Aug 18, 2018 2:20 am   bugageddon

I have been searching for answers online and can not find anything. Maybe someone can help... I moved into an apartment a year ago. They have pretty specific pet rules ie.. a unit can have 2 dogs under 40lbs, 3 cats, 10 birds, who knows how many fish but no reptiles. I snuck my turtle in anyway and we have been living there with not really any issues for a year. then about 1 month ago there was an unusually large amount of bugs in the building. All the units on my floor are infested with bed bugs and cockroaches except my unit is the only unit on the 3rd floor with nothing. I used to see the occasional cockroach but not even a fly in the past month. However I do feel really itchy. I tore apart the apartment looking for bugs but nothing. the exterminator set glue traps in my unit and nothing. I haven't been able to put everything back yet so if anyone should have bugs, it should be me. In the beginning of this past month when I heard a bunch of units had bed bugs, I sent my turtle to stay with my friend and hes been theres since. I cant help but feel that this is the reason for the no reptile rule and I am scared to ask because they think about it andq look thru camera footage and see I had a turtle here as I would take him to the park every weekend. incase more info is needed, the apparent building is literally on the beach in southern California, it is 102 yr old historical building and my turtle is a Chineese box turtle I have had for 27 years that I aquired in Pennsylvania but have had in Los Angeles since 2005. I am going to move as soon as I can and he will remain at my friends until then. I Just dont want to ask and get a really big fine. The exterminator has been there constantly and they cant get rid of the bugs. Or I could just be crazy and they have nothing to do with one another. I just have a nagging feeling.
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Hi, welcome to the forum. I'm not sure what you're asking... bugs will look for a source of food... maybe you're just cleaner than the others?
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