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Post Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2021 1:38 am   My turtle’s changing colour!

I’m new to this forum & looking for guidance with my RES. He’s an adult, I’ve had him ten years from the size of a coin to what he is now. He’s always been... green.. for the most part.
Over the past couple of months, notably since around the time I moved, I’ve seen his top shell transition from it’s usual green to a more albino, yellow hue... more predominantly near his head.
When I first noticed this I panicked and assumed shell rot, but upon inspection I couldn’t find any abnormalities in his shell. I cleaned and quarantined him until I could take him to a local (supposed) reptile expert who, to my surprise, told me it was the healthiest RES he’d ever seen.

I took him home and a couple months have since passed, but the colour transition hasn’t slowed or stopped and I’m again concerned I might be overlooking something to with his health or habitat that’s causing this? I have him in a 18x48x24 tank with a heater and two lights, uva and uvb, with a fluval 406 canister filter, and an ample basking area that’s usually in the 84-86 degree range. I do use water conditioner and tested my water’s ammonia, nitrate, chlorine, ph, nitrite, alkalinity and hardness levels with store bought strips.. everything appeared normal apart from a spike in the alkalinity.

It’s tough to find advice re: turtles and I’d greatly appreciate any advice or pointers fellow turt lovers have to give.
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Post Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2021 12:59 pm   Re: My turtle’s changing colour!

Looks like he's becoming melanistic. It happens with male RES and it's pretty normal. He will actually become grayer and his stripes will be a bit spotty.
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Post Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2021 4:35 pm   Re: My turtle’s changing colour!

This seems to be the general feedback I’m getting, so that calms my fears :)
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