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Post Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2018 8:48 am   declining health - need to find home for turtle ASAP

I have a (approximately) 15 year old red eared slider that I can no longer take care of because of my declining health. This is not an exaggeration - I can no longer do water changes, there is no filter or heater or lighting and I am barely able to feed her. She is about 7" - 8" from head to tail (the shell) and she is very hearty I think given the conditions she has lately had to endure.

I live in Croton on Hudson, NY, 10520 in Westchester County and I am willing to bring her to someone or someplace that can take care of her. Anyone is also welcome to have the 90 gallon tank and associated filtration system that she is in - although the tank is pretty much dirty beyond my ability to clean. Or at least it would be a huge project and my back is bad.

People will probably tell me that I have to do this and that to restore the tank - but that would have to wait until warm weather in NY. We have a small house and getting the remaining 10 inches of water in the tank out would be a project - our water pressure is poor so the Python doesn't work very well. I can't imagine how I'd clean the tank even if it were empty.

The tank is completely gooked up with algae and what might be water calcification.

Thanks for listening.

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Post Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2018 9:52 am   Re: declining health - need to find home for turtle ASAP

please contact me at as I have a feeling that I cannot fix my login on this forum and I don't have the energy to try anymore.
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