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Post Posted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:53 pm   Plz help

My wife got a hatchling res as a bday gift from our roommate but my question is I've been trying to tell our roommate what we need as far as a tank and lights and other stuff to keep the res healthy and her grandmother is telling her that we don't need the things I know we need bc she thinks she knows what she's talking about bc she used to own a pet shop in Florida and sold turtles why would she tell her all these things and we even had a chance to get a free aquarium from a friend that I think is like a 25 gallon aquarium but she told him not to bring it over bc she said we don't have space to put it in our room but we have plenty of room for a small aquarium and she told me this morning that turtles can't be kept in an aquarium bc it will kill the turtle what do I have to do to let her know that shes getting bad advice bc I don't want Kahuna ( my wife's res) to die just because she is getting bad advice from her grandmother
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Post Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:39 am   Re: Plz help

It's your turtle, you should probably do what you think is best and I would probably keep her away (in the most polite way possible).
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Post Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 1:45 am   Re: Plz help

You can always show your wife this forum and all the websites talking about RES. Anyone here would gladly back you up. When you own a pet, you are responsible for its life and if you know the minimum required for it to be happy, then do it. Doesn't matter what her grandmother is saying, it is NOT her animal.
I had to put my foot down a couple of times with my mother when it came to my turtles. It annoyed her but to me the actual lives of my pets are way more important than annoyed feelings. But with time they learn. Her grandmother owned a pet store so she obviously love animals. She will come around when she'll see how happy and healthy your turtle is. :) I know my mother did !
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Post Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 8:01 am   Re: Plz help

Hopefully you are not in a four way living arrangement and in you own home , will make life easier. Get your wife on board with the forum. Roommate , no say . Grandmother , be respectful older people are sometimes set in there ways , like myself . But can be open if you are tactful. Selling is totally different than raising a turtle to be happy and healthy ! Bottom line it's your turtle and hopefully your home ! How you try to bring bring grandmother in on this could create a riff in the family so be sensitive ! Ask her to explain her reason may be her way to tell you a turtle will be needing a very large home and could get into money . Ten gallons water alone for every inch of shell ! If you are just starting out life as a family and money is tight you got a pet that could cost $$$. Sometimes us older people could explain things better , may be her way of helping the two of you. When one makes a pet captive it's our job to offer it the best diet and habitat so it can be happy and healthy ! When adult if male a 90 gal tank needed and female 120 gal's. Yes more swimming room but mainly for you to be able to control the water's parameter's ! Turtles are very messy. If wife is with you for the turtle and your own home then all may be easier. Be mindful with grandmother and do your best to get her involved she's family but again it's your turtle. Do the best your can with your homework and take the advice of long time turtle keepers on this forum , myself doing this over 5 decades successfully like many others here. Find a way to get grandmother involved for the both of you and life will be easier. Hopefully your wife is on board too. That old saying Happy Wife Happy Life ! So true !!! It may not happen over night but grandmother will come around.
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