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Post Posted: Thu Jul 13, 2017 5:36 pm   Turtle shedding

I got a baby RES a year ago. I feed him turtle food from the pet store (dried shrimp, pellets, mini krill) He is very active, but does not get out of the water to bask. I have a uva and uvb light. I recently switched from a 50 w to a 75 w bulb to try to encourage him to get out of the water since it would be a little warmer. The tank is by a window-so during the day the water gets up to around 82 degrees. I have a heater-so never below 79. The temp under the light is 86. The turtle is currently in a 20g long tank. But the water is only about half full. I'm in the process of setting up a 55 gallon tank-but I want to make sure there are no problems that a sudden change of environment might make worse. I have just noticed that he appears to be shedding his skin all of a sudden. Also, the coloring underneath the shell is now darker than it was. There are no soft spots on the top or bottom of the shell-and no smells coming from him.

Do I need to switch back to the 50 w bulb? Do I need to be doing anything else differently?

Thanks in advance!

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Post Posted: Thu Jul 13, 2017 7:10 pm   Re: Turtle shedding

Hello, LCashwell! As for the basking, I think your basking platform is too cold. There needs to be at about a 10 degree difference between the water and the Platform. When you say you switched from a 50 watt bulb to a 75 watt bulb, What type are you speaking of? Neither the UVA or the UVB bulb you mentioned will throw enough heat to encourage a turtle to bask. I use either an 75-100 watt Infrared bulb or a ceramic heat emitter for my two--I made the switch to a ceramic heat emitter because they last longer. Every so often Turtles will shed their skin, but it is more often if they don't bask or if the water quality is bad. Are you feeding vegetables? How often are you feeding? Shrimp and Krill should be treat foods, and given sparingly. Too much protein. RES get darker with age. They don't keep that vivid green color that they hatch with.
Hope this helps!
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Post Posted: Thu Jul 13, 2017 7:24 pm   Re: Turtle shedding

Hello and welcome

The basking area needs to be 10* warmer than the water to entice basking. A 75 watt if "incandescent" placed properly should be giving more heat than the 86* you state. A fluorescent for a basking bulb will not give heat like a incandescent or a flood ! What is the ambient air temp ? Any a/c in room ? Any drafts on tank ? What material basking area made of ? All this effects what temp you can get. But a 75 watt at "just say" 12" should give you more than the 86* you are getting if incandescent. UNLESS // Also very important , how are you measuring the basking temp. Round type , digital .... only type thermometer I found to be very accurate is a IR type. I have a draw full of round one's and yes digital ones to , all with different temps !

Going back to a 50 watt bulb will only be worst , less heat.

The specialty UVB bulb placement is Very Important for the burn in and regular placement ! Instructions on the box and or also include in box. A must read for the safety and health of your turtle.

This is an Example Only of instructions a popular one used in hobby . You may have a different type , style , size , (%) or brand : ... ctions.pdf

No veggies in diet ? A year ago but what's the shell size ?

Babies grow fast , skin / shell shed. Also as they grow that cute baby color goes away.

Why or what you mean by might make things worst with an upgrade ???

Right click on your photo , click edit , and resize smaller (816x612) works great and then save.
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