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Post Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 3:54 pm   My turtle looks more white colored

So I finally got a UVB light and heating light system after months of not knowing what light I exactly had since the original owner never told me. I noticed a few times he had little white spots on him and i think he has shed a bit last month. Now I have the right lighting all the pet store told me was to turn the UVB light and daytime heating off at night and the nighttime heating bulb on at night for heating. So is it correct to use both UVB and daytime heating on at the same time? I'm worried about his shell being whiter now. I did clean him last month when i cleaned his tank and got rid of the white spots but I can't tell if he's just shedding or what. I would think getting him the right lights would make him better instead of worse :x He seems to be healthy activity and eating wise, he's basking still. His shell just seems to be softer and lighter color. I would clean the tank more but I'm a small girl with arthritis and I can't lift the heavy tank by myself and no one in my family helps me so i try my best, if anyone can tell me what to do or what it may be please help
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Post Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 5:28 pm   Re: My turtle looks more white colored

What kind of fixture you got and type of UVB and type of heat bulb? Read about proper placement for the heat and the UVB bulbs very important! Normally on the box. It's best to put ALL lights UVB and heat bulb on a timer , have all bulbs off at night. Simulate day /night as in nature! As far as the water hope you have a water heater in it. If not you will be for more problems.
The shell pictures not very clear but could be mineral deposit due to the lack of correct lighting and temps in the past few months. Basking area very important now what are the temperatures on it?
I would keep the tank water at a constant 80* and the basking area at 90*. You need to entice him to bask to help him get better. Turtles bask almost as much as they swim . He needs to be basking 8-10 hours at a very minimum a day to help that shell before it turns into shell rot !
You should Not be picking up a turtle tank... Turtle looks around three inches if he had a proper tank ( 10 gallons water alone for every 1" of shell)
that's 30 gallons water at 8.345404 #'s per gallon would be // 250 #'s and no one should try and pick that up to clean. What is he in?
You are a small girl , get a bucket that rolls and a tube to siphon water out or container dip water out drain tank that way for water changes. Also bring the turtle up all the time to let others know how important he is to you and try to get them involved. Even at the dinner table , tell them he stuck his tongue out at you it was funny , anything to peak there interest.
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Post Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 8:37 pm   Re: My turtle looks more white colored

It's shell fungus and will get worse. I suggest you pick up some silver sulfadiazine cream (requires a prescription in the US).
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