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Post Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2017 1:31 pm   Re: Does Sedge look healthy?

A laptop with a web cam works too.

All that observing pay's off , make that other side easy to use will make Sedge more comfortable up there since he's older. May be all you need to do ?

I'm getting old forgot this. When I went to a large basking area I observed Piggley hanging his head all around checking everything out. He would test all and how he would approach those areas told me a lot. He would check it out from top to bottom. Took awhile but after adjusting here and there he now uses every inch of it. Rarely uses the ramps to this day , he just loves to climb so much he goes up the sides that look like cliff's. Some are over 5" straight up and has no problem with them ! Still think he has some mountain goat in him !
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