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Post Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2017 12:02 am   another stupid newbie question (re: basking, cork oak)

Finally got a nice piece of cork oak bark and anchored one side of it with jungle vines so Fifi has a basking platform that doesn't limit her (still insufficient, but better than before) swimming area. Allowed me to raise the water level a bit, too. It floats pretty well under her weight, but doesn't stay 100% above the waterline as I have it now. So her shell is getting good and dry when she basks but her plastron remains in some amount of water. Is that OK, or do I need to add supports or a second platform that I can get to sit completely above the waterline?

Also, some little bits are breaking off the bark when she gets on/off it. I've been skimming them as I notice it, but will it hurt her if she eats them?

And on the topic of cork oak, where do y'all get the large pieces that you can cut to fit the tank?
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Post Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2017 2:19 pm   Re: another stupid newbie question (re: basking, cork oak)

I have mine angled a bit, so the section that's against the rear part of the tank is raised.

Small pieces won't be harmful, though it might make some of the poop float :roll: Just make sure large pieces don't come off, or that you remove it before she can get to it.

It has been much harder to get large cork bark. Seems like Zoo Med now has a monopoly or something. Ebay is still the place to go, and a couple of years ago I just ordered a large assorted box of cork.
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