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Post Posted: Fri Nov 04, 2016 1:31 pm   Upgraded filter, have questions please

Ive been using two smaller filters on my 75 gal aquarium (filled to about 60%. I was told by a pet store owner that the single Penn Plax for 50 gals should work. I also added the zoo med filter that came with my initial 30 gal setup. After reading the sticky on filters, I upgraded to Penn Plax 1500 Canister, which is now being shipped. I ordered sponge, couple of floss, Purigen, carbon, and the ceramic rings from EBay. When I rechecked the thread, it shows only 4levels of sponge, and carbon. Does this mean I wasted money on the Purigen, The Bag, and the rings, and should have bought more sponges? Will the Cascade not support the other types of bio-media? I'm thoroughly confused now. Also, if I continue to use the water in my tank which has pretty much completed the cycling process and the Penn Plax in tank filter durning set up of the new filter, will I have to go through the cycling again? Thanks in advance.
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Post Posted: Sat Nov 05, 2016 9:55 pm   Re: Upgraded filter, have questions please

I don't know about the Cascade specifically, but it's a canister and you can stock it with any sort of bio media and chem media. The sponges usually need to be a specific size/shape, so those you will stick to that brand. For Purigen, it's much better to get the pre-bagged kind as bagging it yourself is very messy.

The diagram is showing 5 baskets, the bottom 2 with foam. You probably won't need the floss.

As for cycling, don't worry about it too much. It'll happen sooner or later with the new filter and your turtle won't be bothered about it.
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