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Just a note : Any bad bacteria is "free floating" in a tank. The good nitrifying bacteria (aerobic) "attaches" itself to any substrate decorations items in a tank and filter. Good bacteria loves a porous material hence the best bio media is made porous. That's why volcanic works better to hold the good bacteria. For those who have bare bottoms it's always recommended that they pack there filter with as much bio material as possible to help hold more of the good bacteria. It's been found that silica sand bottoms not only look good but with all the surface area of the sand offers more places for the good bacteria to attach to. Also those who have substrate bottom's it always best to section off a tank when vacuuming do one side at a time so not to disturb all the good bacteria at one time. This helps keep a cycle going. Also 100% water changes are never good unless you have a major problem , all that tap water kills the good bacteria then you need to reseed the tank. Even large water changes can kill off a large portion's of the good bacteria. With all tank setups being different it always best to find the correct (%) of water changes to keep your cycle going. If that's unknown it always better to do smaller % water changes just more often to help keep the attached good aerobic bacteria alive. With substrate one needs the correct depth also and when using a vac never disturb all the way to the bottom of it that's where all the good stuff is happening.
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