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Post Posted: Sun May 26, 2024 7:36 pm   I need help with my musk turtles shell.

My female musk turtle named Frankii is about 14 years old this summer. I’ve had her since she was a hatchling and she’s been pretty easy to care for for most of her years.

Her shell has started to look worse and worse though. I was told it was hard water marks when it was just white spots, but I am sure there’s much more going on now. On top of her shell being very dry, flaky and having white spots when dry, her plastron suddenly has a green/black spot that has me very worried. This spot made me have her sit out of the tank for a while so she could dry off, and I am horrified and feel like a terrible turtle parent. To top it off, I live in an area where no one sees turtles, and even if they did, I am currently in a position where I can’t afford it. I just saved a stray cats life and bc of that my funds are low.

Frankii has a 75 gallon tank they is filled 3/4s of the way. She has a standard dock with a basking light. The dock has been raised today to be completely of the water as I noticed it sank a bit and wasn’t allowing her to completely dry off. She also has a land area that she can climb completely out of the wet tank and into a dry tank that sits above her tank, but she doesn’t find any interest in it really.

She eats pellets mainly but recently had a bunch of feeder fish. She tends to get a bunch of feeder fish every couple months and she feeds off them as she catches them.

Her filters are changed regularly, water cycled and changed out 50/50. I am just very worried about her shell. She eats normally, she’s always up and about, I honestly wouldn’t have known anything was wrong if I didn’t take her out to feed her and then do a visual inspection.

Any ideas what it could be and how to treat it? Unfortunately a dr is not in the budget right now so I need to try something at home first if possible. Thank you for looking!

(My photos are “too large” so I had to upload them to a third party site bc I couldn’t figure out it. My apologies.)

ETA- her shell does not smell and is not soft at all. It is purely a ‘visual’ issue- as far as I can tell.
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Post Posted: Mon May 27, 2024 9:04 pm   Re: I need help with my musk turtles shell.

Most of it looks like it's from irregular shedding (retained scutes). Does she bask regularly... how many hours per day? As for treatment, I'd make sure she has a varied diet (should add more veggies for her), make sure she can bask a few hours a day. Shell conditions can take many months to improve, but you should continue to look for possible medical possible and solutions.
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