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Post Posted: Sun Nov 10, 2019 11:32 pm   Emergency Rescue for Escaped Turtle

I really really hope someone out there reads this and helps me rescue my poor turtle!!
I have a red ear slider young adult 4 year old female. Prior to incident she was about 5.5inch and weighed, maybe 5 pounds? Very solid. (and apparently strong) She climbed out of the tank two weeks ago while I was out of town. I searched frantically but couldn't find her. She had taken quite a fall from counter height (where the tank was) but I didn't see any blood. Normally the tank is by a window in my kitchen. I left out water and food on the floor but both went untouched. On the 2nd weekend, I gave her up as lost but then when I was cleaning my office this weekend, she turned up today! Made a noise when I went to shut off the lights and got my attention. So definitely cleaning and making noise woke her up (?) Luckily (?) while I was out of the house for a week, i kept the heat off. The temperature was somewhere between 55-65 degrees. The coldest did reach 50s. Chicago fall weather so outdoors it was 30s and 40s. And it was pretty dark in my office. I'm wondering if there's anything I should check to on her health. Did she actually go into brumation? Or have I totally starved her for two weeks??? Her shell doesn't appear cracked. She was on the big side, since I didn't realize you weren't supposed to feed adults everyday until this summer. Then I started her on the ATP diet plan. Lettuce every other day and a tablespoon of pellets (rotating brands) Upon finding her, I put her back in the tank and turned the lights and heater back on. But I'm worried that I totally cold shocked her since the water tank was under 70 degrees. (eek whoops! I turned the heater off the night before) But the two heaters plus basking light should heat everything up to normal temps by now. Does she need extra food? Do you have to slowly introduce the warmth? Would it be better to keep the lights on so that she can warm up and fight off potential respiratory infection? Or would the lights being on all the time cause the circadian rhythms to be off? She seems to be active and strong enough to climb onto her above tank basking platform but seems like she lost a little weight. --Clueless in Chicago--
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Post Posted: Mon Nov 11, 2019 4:27 am   Re: Emergency Rescue for Escaped Turtle

You don't have to feed her everyday, but you can and just focus on overall quantity. I wouldn't feed her extra, just slowly go back to normal and she should be fine. Keep any eye on temps for the water and basking area... make sure you have a decent thermometer.
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