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Post Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 5:36 pm   11 year old RES has died. Why?

Please no judgement here. I am reaching out as I am heartbroken at the fact that my 11 year old female RES has recently passed.

She lived in a 120 gallon aquarium, had a basking light, temperature was correct, good filtration system.

She was always a picky eater, I always had a hell of a time trying to get her to eat various foods. The main thing she loved as of late was eating meat. Throughout her life tho meat was not a part of her diet. I would trick her into eating other things but as of late she became obsessed with eating ham. Which of course was concerning because I know it isn't very nutritional. She would occasionally eat banana, grapes, chicken. I would try everything to get her to want to eat something else: Turtle foods pellets, blood worms, feeder fish, lettuce, etc.

She was a healthy girl, throughout her life. I absolutely adored her. I would take her out of the tank a few times a week to go outside and get exercise. Until recently she had become a bit more slow, not hungry. Keep in mind she has done this before, usually if being picky with food or figured maybe she was preparing to lay eggs.

Unfortunately 5 days ago she ended up passing. Limbs, head completely out, eyes appeared to be sunken. The sad thing is next step would've been the vet if she continued not to eat and appeared more sluggish.

Now I am reaching out if anyone has answers on what the cause may have been. She was a member of our family, it's so sad to have seen her go so soon.

I tried my best to give her the best possible life possible as obviously taking care of a turtle isn't always the easiest thing.

Just am trying to understand everything. I'm thinking it could've been respiratory related, her diet, constipation.. it's hard to always tell with a turtle that something is wrong especially if they're not acting much different. I just wish there was something I could've done before it was too late.
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Post Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 5:03 am   Re: 11 year old RES has died. Why?

Sorry about your loss. A necropsy would probably offered some insight if it was organ failure or something internal. Aside from that, RES are very good at hiding their illnesses. Without some obvious signs, it can be very hard to diagnose and treat them.
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