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Post Posted: Mon Aug 07, 2017 3:39 pm   Turtle eggs

Hello I have a female red eared slider turtle and a male painter turtle living in the same tank yesterday I found an egg cleaning the tank. I know females lay eggs regardless of mating however I have seen the two of them displaying mating behaviors for a while. I know she has more eggs on the way my question is if it's possible the two of them could've mated and weather there is a possibility the eggs could be fertile?
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Post Posted: Tue Aug 08, 2017 9:35 am   Re: Turtle eggs

Painted's can only "Procreate" with another painted. But have been known to mate ( have sex ) with other sliders like RES's. This was told to me by the head herpetologist at the nature center I use to volunteer at. But we do talk about how nature always finds a way to change that?
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