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Post Posted: Wed Jul 05, 2017 9:04 am   Turtle Injury - bleeding around the face


I have 2 RES. One is approx 5 inch long and other one approx 4 inch... both with me for around 3 years now.
I generally leave them in my apartments' balcony in the morning for 3-4 hours and then they are back in the tank. Balcony, i thought, is well protected with fencing of Polycarbonate Sheets.

This morning, as usual I left them out and left for work, as a routine. It seems one of the turtles found a small gap in the fencing and jumped off from the balcony - I live on 5th Floor... so approx 60ft fall. I dont know in what position it has fallen (on the back/ tummy/ side ways). Someone from the building got it back to our house... it was bleeding.

I took it to the Vet. He checked and saw couple of small cracks in the plastron (the lower surface of the turtle, i mean). He put some medicine in the water and asked me to leave the turtle in the water for a few hours and then put it back in the tank. He did inspect the turtle thoroughly, but couldn't find bruises.

Now, after a few hours, when i pick up the turtle, I see blood around its head which is still inside the shell. Its not coming out or may be hiding inside when it realises i am around.

What should I do? The Turtle seems active. If i leave it in the balcony, it again starts running. Should i leave it in the water itself?

Unfortunately, I cant upload photos as its still hiding inside its shell.

Thanks, Ajay
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Post Posted: Wed Jul 05, 2017 9:57 am   Re: Turtle Injury - bleeding around the face

I would take it to a Herp Vet for turtles not a regular Vet (dog/cat). A good Herp Vet will take xrays / scans to see if any internal damage. 5th floor fall there will be internal damage.
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