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Post Posted: Wed May 31, 2017 11:33 pm   Bump on face

Hi, I recently got this turtle about 2 weeks ago as a gift and its my first time as a turtle owner. I noticed today while i was feeding it that one side of its face was a bit bigger than the other. The bump is not significantly big and it doesn't seem to bother the turtle. It's active and seems to be eating normally. However, im still a bit concerned and decided to get advice from more experienced turtle owners on here, if needed i'll get my turtle to a vet immediately.
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Post Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 2:31 pm   Re: Bump on face

Most good pet shop's have a time period to return any pet. You say about two weeks ago that's in the time frame. Get a refund or they should give you one that is healthy or at least have there Vet get it well at "there" cost. You do not have to spend your money! Pictures would help BUT you being concerned I would return it for another before time runs out ! There is a lot to learn about turtles wait setup tank , let it cycle , get every thing down then get the turtle. You need to start doing some homework now , instead of a beginner trying to save a (?) ill turtle. Doing this over 50 years and its not just throwing water in a fishbowl. Yes homework time ! At each topic on this forum are informational stickies that will help Please read all. It's all about having a happy and healthy turtle ! Did you know turtles will live 40-50 years and some even longer. This is a long term commitment / pet ! To let you know will not keep that cute baby face as they grow. For me they are worth it and make great pets or in my case family members / children.
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Post Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 8:30 pm   Re: Bump on face

Sounds like an ear abscess. Most of the major pet store might help pay for the vet expense as mentioned, if they take him/her back, you might not get the same one back. The only good news I could report is that this is a fairly common procedure for an experienced vet... basically lance, drain, scoop, keep dry and maybe some antibiotics.
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