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Post Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2016 1:37 am   Brown/Red Mucus from Mouth

Hello, I have a concern regarding my 7/8 year old RES, Gooberz.
I have had Gooberz for 7 years and she has always been very healthy and active.
She is currently in a 15 gallon tank (shallow), with a dual filter, 100 watt UVA basking light, and 200 watt water heater.
Gooberz was raised very differently.
During the summer she has free roam of my backyard (which has been thoroughly turtle proofed for her safety) and gets plenty of real sunlight and also is able to go in and out of the tank as she pleases with the ramp I set up for her. In the evening she is brought indoors to be kept safe and warm. She also gets weekly trips to the local park (pesticide free) where I let her walk and explore for about 2 hours (with close supervision).
During the other seasons, she is kept indoors with the setup I described. However, at night she has always refused to stay in the tank and would climb out (even after removing the ramp), and follow me around/sit in my lap (on her own, I avoid subscribing human emotions onto her which I know can be problematic when caring for pets). Despite my efforts, she always wanted to get out when it became dark so ever since she was little, she has slept outside of her tank in her own little bed with all her limbs stretched out and a smug look on her face. In the morning, when she's ready to go back into her tank, she is sitting by it waiting to go in.
She gets 15 gallons of clean water every day (I empty and fill it everyday). Her tank is cleaned once every week or 2 weeks. The water is treated with a dechlorineator.
Everything has been fine until recently.
I noticed that as soon as she gets into the water, she spits up (not coughing) a reddish brown mucus from her mouth.
The day before, while eating some shrimp, I noticed she made a gurgling sound from her mouth which was half out of the water. I figured that she just ate/swallowed too quickly and thought nothing of it.
I googled everything I could and found nothing that could explain it other than a potential respiratory infection.
I made sure to thoroughly clean everything in her tank, give her fresh water that is a few degrees warmer, and watch her behavior.
She ONLY spits up the mucus when she INITIALLY gets into the water, and never after that.
Other than the mucus, she has been completely fine. She has been incredibly active, always running around the house and swimming about (not listing). She has an appetite, as she always does, and eats veggies (begrudgingly), a little bit of fruit when I give it to her, "Turtle Bone" from ZooMed, and 2 small shrimps I boil for her. She has not been wheezing either. The only time I can hear her breathing is when she pops her head out of the water, but after her first breath, you can't hear her breathing.
I have also noticed that she lets out a few bubbles from her nose every once in a while which contributed to my concern for a respiratory infection.
I have tried to look inside her mouth outside of the water and can confirm that the same reddish/brown mucus is in her mouth (after she bit a paper towel for me). I have tried to find a vet but no one anywhere near me is taking new patients or is qualified for reptiles.
Could anyone PLEASE provide me any kind of perspective/ideas of what could possibly be causing this??
Thank you so much!
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Post Posted: Wed Oct 19, 2016 7:34 am   Re: Brown/Red Mucus from Mouth

My turtle might give out a little bit of mucus if they've been out of water for a few hours, but it's always whitish. I would try to see inside her mouth, make sure it's a healthy pink color. Any chance she might be eating something when she's out?
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