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Gravid or sick?

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Post Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2010 3:46 am   Zangetsu doesn't look to good, sick or pregnancy?

My oldest lady Zangetsu, 16 years old this year, isn't doing too well. I doubt it has something to do with her old age, but her eating has vanished and her basking has escalated into hours a day. The only time she gets down is when night falls. There are male turtles in the pond as well as many other females so there is a chance she's gravid. I've tried checking under her legs many times, and I feel bumps on one side but not on the other ( she wouldn't let me touch it too much). She isn't eating at all right now, just basking. I guess these are signs that she is truly gravid, there is plenty of sand for her to lay her eggs in but she hasn't dug any holes. The sand is 70cm deep, more than enough for her right? She hasn't shown any other symptoms of being sick. Why isn't she laying her eggs yet? This has gone on for a month now.
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