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Post Posted: Wed May 25, 2005 9:56 pm   Hello all...........introducing myself

Hi I am new here.
History, native Floridian. Having turtles was something I just did as a kid, along with other pets.

Well, now I am 40+, married, with a family and pets,2 mini schnauzers, and a 75 gallon aquarium.

We went on vacation a couple months ago to Myrtle Beach. Well, if you know that area, all the little shops offer something, usually its hermit crabs. We had several of those over the years. The kids always had to have them. But, this time was different. They were offering RES. My heart started pounding.

I just HAD to have 1.
Well, 1 hour later I was back at the resort with SIX. I could not resist. Now don't get me wrong, this was not just a "whim". Fast forward.......many dollars later, I have my lil buddies all set up! Well, we did lose 1 soon as we got home. :(

But, the 5 I have all seem to be healthy and happy. I wake up in the morning, walk to their tank, turn on the light, and they "pop" up to greet me! Almost have them to the point of eating while in my hand! And when I go to the grocery store and get deli meat, I have told them about my buddies, and they will give me the lil end cut off the first piece of turkey they are throwing away. I only do that once a week. But, its so much fun to dangle the meat and the lil guys take it out of my hand.

They are just to sweet!

My 2 mini schnauzers will sit and watch them too. Any way, I have been reading here for a few months now. Taking all the advice in. Talking to the guys at Pet smart. And so far I have happy babies!!!! I love just sitting here at my computer and looking over and seeing them swimming, or laying out on the floating dock in their tank. Its funny when they all go up on the dock, all 4 legs extended and sunning under their light.

THANKS to all of you that have offered advice! Thanks to all of you that have asked questions! You all have helped me immensely. My lil buddies thank you too!

Right now they are in just a 10 gallon tank. And I have built my own aquariums over the years, so I will make them a new one as they grow. But, my husband has already planned that when they get too big for that, to make them a pond in the yard!!!!!!! I will miss just looking over at them, when that time comes, but for now, I really enjoy them.

Ok now for my question.....how do I put a picture up? I want to show you my lil buddies. The only way I see possible is to have the picture (avatar) posted on the web and make a link in my profile to that page. Help, i wanna show off my lil guys too, lol. Pretty puter savvy here, so that won't be hard to post them on a page. I make web sites. But, was looking for an easier way to add an avatar.

Again, thanks to the forum leaders for having this spot to get advice and answers. Take care :D
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Post Posted: Wed May 25, 2005 10:18 pm   

Welcome to the forun Alucky lady. 8)

Stray has answerd the how to post pics in "people talk" the topic is how to post pics. Look there, he explains it pretty well.

Lookin forward to seein' your little guys! :lol:
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Post Posted: Thu May 26, 2005 11:36 pm   

Hi! New person here also. Just love my res...he is a real hoot!
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Post Posted: Fri May 27, 2005 12:20 am   

Welcome to both of you :D
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